Photography as imagination
Three panels organized by Milano Photofestival
In collaboration with Urban Center Milano

14 May h 18
Urban Center, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Milano
Working life between past and future
Five photographers measure themselves against a pressing theme, facing it from different points of view (industrial archeology, the creativity of manual labor, the devaluation of the figure of the blue-collar worker, volunteering), talking about the exhibition that brings them together and that opens on May 26th at Palazzo Pirola in Gorgonzola.
Speakers Emanuele Scicolone, Gianluca Sgarriglia, Claudio Rizzini, Stefano Barattini, Raoul Iacometti. Coordination by Roberto Mutti

11 June h 18
Urban Center, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Milano
Is it still photography?
The most daring research, resulting from the imagination of courageous authors and from the new boundaries dictated by technology, opens aesthetic and expressive perspectives that excite the experimenters and surprise observers. Speakers Edilio Alpini, Paolo Grassi, Giampaolo Parodi, Stefania Ricci. Coordination by Roberto Mutti

18 June h 18
Urban Center, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Milano
The third dimension: 3D photography yesterday and today
Franco Gengotti, who has worked as a historian, organizer and disseminator of the three-dimensional image for many years, will amaze with his narration of how photography has tried to overcome the limits of its two-dimensionality: an excursus that began in the nineteenth century and continues today with digital images taken from space. Coordination by Roberto Mutti

19 June h 18.30
Centro culturale di Milano, largo Corsia dei Servi 4 Milano
Taking pictures of jazz: narration or reportage? Possible uses for clients.
How to reconcile the needs of jazz festivals with the search for new forms of storytelling that want to go beyond the portrayal of the musicians as mere icons.
Speakers Luciano Linzi artistic director Jazzmi, Enrico Stefanelli director Photolux Festival, Pino Ninfa photographer
In collaboration with Olympus


Saturday 12 May h 11-17
Photo Discount, piazza De Angeli 3 Milano
Photofestival, in collaboration with Photo Discount, organizes a day of portfolio rewiews.
Coordination by Roberto Mutti. Readers: Roberto Mutti, Alessia Locatelli
Registration fee: € 20. Reservations are required, and will be taken until May 10th, at

The readers will select the best photographic production from all the participants: the winner will be entitled to participate with their own exhibition at the 2019 edition of Phototofestival.


27 May
Two session: h 10-12 e h 15-17
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, via San Vittore 21 Milano

One day as a photographer
The young will be able to discover the tools of the world of photography while having fun and enjoying first hand the experience of a set and of the printing process.
Age of participants 8-12 years. Maximum 15 participants per session
Introduction to photography, fun activities involving photography and video, photo printing.
Info and reservations:
In collaboration with Canon

8/30 June
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Padiglione Olona, via San Vittore 21 Milano
Meetings and workshops will be scheduled as part of the “Absorbed” exhibition. Info
In collaboration with Nital-Nikon

15 June h 14-18
Palazzo Castiglioni, corso Venezia 47 Milano
The landscape: from shooting to publication. Workshop with Marco Crupi, LUMIX Ambassador.
From color theory to how to structure a photographic project.
Info and reservation (for free)

In collaboration with Panasonic

16 June h 16-18
Eataly Smeraldo, piazza XXV aprile 10 Milano
Food Photography. Workshop with Giovanni Malgarini.
The art of photographing a dish unveiled by a professional cooking photographer.
Registration fee: 50 €. Info and reservations: and
In collaboration with Manfrotto and Canon


5 June h 19.30
Centro culturale di Milano, largo Corsia dei Servi 4 Milano
On the roads of music. A journey from the American continent to Europe passing through Africa: a combination of music and images.
With Enrico Intra Piano, Pino Ninfa photographs
In collaboration with Olympus

12 June h 18.30
Centro culturale di Milano, largo Corsia dei Servi 4 Milano
In the name of the story. The city as a stage. Performance by Claudio Fasoli with photographs by the participants of the workshop held by Pino Ninfa: a dialogue with Maurizio Franco on the role of musical photography in the current panorama.
Claudio Fasoli saxophone
In collaboration with Olympus

15 June h 20.30
Centro culturale di Milano, largo Corsia dei Servi 4 Milano
Between the sacred and the profane: religious festivals in Italy and in the world. A fil rouge musical narrative that illustrates the photographs of many authors, including  Gianni Cataldi, Emilio Resmini, Arturo Safina, Pino Ninfa.
Giovanni Falzone trumpet and electronics, Alessandro Rossi drums and electronics.
In collaboration with Olympus