2018 Edition


We have proudly crossed the milestone of thirteen editions, accompanying Milan along the path that has made it gain an international role in the artistic field, whilst in the photographic field the city has achieved over the years the role of real capital, thanks to the work of authors, galleries, museums , organizers, critics, publishers, printers. We believe we have carved out a significant place in this landscape by organizing as important an event as Photofestival, which grows every year, offering the public a panorama that dialectically connects established and debut authors, historical galleries and ones of recently opening, private exhibition spaces and libraries.

This year there are 165 exhibitions, complemented by a significant calendar of events. We believe in our formula, that is not limited to collating what is proposed by gallery owners, but involves our direct intervention in giving space to authors not only in our Palaces of Photography and in the realities of the center, but also in those that spur the vitality of the suburbs and the hinterland, by widening the net and collaborating with neighboring cities such as Pavia and Legnano.

This year’s program- shared with the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Confcommercio Milano, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region, aided by advertisers – was strongly willed into existance and supported by the individual companies associated with AIF, and presents itself, in line with the profile of Milan, with an international characterization reiterated by the bilingual Italian/ English version of the catalog and of the website www.milanophotofestival.it

The Photofestival exhibitions also contribute to enhancing the Milan Photo Week program (4/10 June) organized by the Municipality.


Artistic direction: Roberto Mutti
Organizing Commitee: Giovanni Augusti, Dario Bossi, Cristina Comelli, Pierluigi Mutti