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Organizing Committee

Paolo Giusti

AIF – Associazione Italiana Foto & Digital Imaging’s President

Cristina Comelli

AIF – Associazione Italiana Foto & Digital Imaging’s Office Manager

Pierluigi Mutti


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Art Direction

Roberto Mutti

Roberto Mutti is a historian, critic and professor of photography, currently lecturing at the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala and at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan. As an independent organizer and curator, he has showcased both promising young talents and established authors, collaborating with festivals, private galleries and public institutions. He has authored more than two hundred publications including essays, monographs and catalogs.

As a contributing journalist, he has been the photography critic of the Milanese edition of daily newspaper “La Repubblica” since 1980, has collaborated with several publications, and was the director of the quarterly “Immagine Foto Pratica” from 1998 to 2005. He is part of the scientific committees of Photofestival Milan, MIA and Fondazione Corrente, and is a consultant for Fondazione 3M. He has received the awards “Città di Benevento” (2000), “Giuseppe Turroni” (2007), Artistica Art Gallery, Denver, USA (2011) and “Salvatore Margagliotti”, Trapani (2014) for his work as a photography critic. He lives and works in Milan.

Roberto Mutti