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18.10.2023 - 31.10.2023
Exhibitions Virtual


Via Ciovasso, 17, Milano MI, Italia MADE4ART Via Ciovasso, 17, Milano MI, Italia, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 18 ottobre h 18Monday 15-19, Tuesday-Friday 10-19, Saturday 15-18 and by appointmentHow to reach us: M1 Cairoli, M2 Lanza, M3 MontenapoleoneIn photography, the abstract and the blurred offer viewers a different perspective from which to observe the context within which they live. In this project, Sergio Armaroli, Achille Ascani, Giorgio Pica, Andrea Quartieri and […]

18.10.2023 - 07.11.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

Sorry NYC. It’s just a joke

Galleria Federica Ghizzoni c/o Le Biciclette Via G.B.Torti, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 18 ottobre h 18.30 Monday-Sunday 18-01 How to reach us: M2 S.Ambrogio – Tram 2, 14 – Bus 94 The gaze characterising Romor’s photography shifts between irony, playfulness and conscious detachment and, according to this style, his new project lands in New York – the stage upon which the actors are imagination and realism. […]

18.10.2023 - 22.12.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

The Light Of The City

Piazza Po, 3, Milano MI, Italia Fondazione AEM Piazza Po, 3, Milano MI, Italia, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 18 ottobre h 18 Monday-Thursday 9-12.30/14-17.30, Friday 9-13 How to reach us: M1 Pagano, M2 Sant’Agostino – Tram 10 – Bus 58, 61 Light as a symbol of the economic miracle – thus was electric lighting seen in the past. On display is a photographic path featuring images from the Historical Archives of Fondazione […]

19.10.2023 - 22.12.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

Michel Haddi: Beyond Fashion

29 Arts in Progress Gallery Via San Vittore, 13, Milano, IT, Italia

Tuesday-Saturday 11-19 How to reach us: M2 S.Ambrogio – Bus 94 On display: the first large-scale solo exhibition in Milan by the French-Algerian photographer. A career spanning over 40 years and contributing to the endless archives of famous faces: supermodels, icons and legends in music and in the arts. From Liza Minnelli to David Bowie, […]

21.10.2023 - 03.11.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

I Like Milan

Biblioteca Gallaratese Via Quarenghi, 21, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 21 ottobre h 16 Monday 14.30-19, Tuesday-Friday 9-19, Saturday 10-18 How to reach us: M1 Bonola/Uruguay – Bus 40, 64, 68, 69 Carnisio is one of the keenest and best-known photographers in Milan, but he portrays the parts of the city that sometimes peep out from certain perspectives, and that modernity struggles to repress. […]

23.10.2023 - 31.10.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

Photography, I Embrace You

Via Rubens, 19, Milano MI, Italia Flash Photo Center Via Rubens, 19, Milano MI, Italia, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 23 ottobre h 18 Monday-Friday 10-13/15-19 and by appointment How to reach us: M1 De Angeli/Gambara – Bus 63, 80, 90, 91 Led by Angelo Golizia, Flash FineArt is a collective of photographers in search of a visual experience to offer viewers. An experience that takes shape through beauty, harmony and visual truth. Each […]

23.10.2023 - 31.10.2023
Exhibitions Virtual


Biblioteca Sicilia Via Luigi Sacco, 14, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 23 ottobre h 17.30 Monday-Wednesday-Friday 14-19, Tuesday-Thursday 9-14, Saturday 10-14 How to reach us: M1 De Angeli – Tram 16 – Bus 61, 63, 67, 72, 80 A street photography project that aims to establish connections between images and viewers: what does an image convey? The photographer shoots her photos in the street, capturing […]

25.10.2023 - 31.10.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

VIDICON 1980/81

Cesare Gualdoni Studio Via De Alessandri, 9, Milano, IT, Italia

Monday-Sunday 10-21 by appointment only How to reach us: M1 Pagano – Tram 10, 16 – Bus 58, 61 One of the first open and self-managed spaces in Milan, VIDICON represents a very important experience in the city’s underground scene of the 1980s. In the community centre in Via Correggio 18, music, video art, performance, […]

25.10.2023 - 08.11.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

The Shape of Feelings

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 26, Milano MI, Italia Spazio Kryptos Via Panfilo Castaldi, 26, Milano MI, Italia, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 25 ottobre h 18 MondayFriday 15.30-19 How to reach us: M1 Porta Venezia, M3 Repubblica – Passante Ferroviario Porta Venezia/Repubblica – Tram 1, 5, 9, 23, 33

26.10.2023 - 09.12.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

Nostalgic for the Past. The Necessary Image

Centro Culturale di Milano Largo Corsia dei Servi, 4, Milano, IT, Italia

Monday-Friday 9.30-13/14.30-18.30 Saturday 15.30-18.30, admission by donation 10 € How to reach us: M1 Duomo/San Babila Luigi Ghirri has steadfastly nourished his photography poetics through a dialogue with art, literature, landscape and architecture, music and philosophy, on a quest for “the lost original” and a “necessary image”. Shining through the photos on display is an […]

28.10.2023 - 11.11.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

Aerial geometries

SpazioMantegna Associazione Culturale Via Piero della Francesca, 4/7, Via Mantegna, 5, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 28 ottobre h 17.30 Monday-Saturday 15.30-18.30 by appointment How to reach us: M5 Gerusalemme – Tram 10, 12 – Bus 43, 57 Two women photographers looking up at the signs in the sky. Natural and artificial signs. Laura Di Fazio observes the trees in their harmonious configurations, detecting correspondences between sky and earth, while […]

28.10.2023 - 11.11.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

Pinhole Lab

Biblioteca Chiesa Rossa Via San Domenico Savio, 3, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 28 ottobre h 17 Tuesday-Friday 9-19, Saturday 10-18 and by appointment, opened Sunday 29 ottobre How to reach us: M2 Abbiategrasso – Tram 3, 15 We often forget that photography originated as a craft. Pinhole photography takes us back to that physical, material and experiment-filled era. A return to these origins, Officina Pinpix, in […]

30.10.2023 - 11.11.2023
Exhibitions Virtual

Din u Dunya – Religion and earthly life

Art Side - IIFWall Istituto Italiano di Fotografia Via Enrico Caviglia, 3, Milano, IT, Italia

opening 30 ottobre h 18.30 Monday-Friday 9-19, Saturday 10-18 How to reach us: M3 Corvetto – Bus 34, 77, 95 Being a Muslim woman means interpreting life through faith against a meta-temporal horizon surpassing earthly experience, yet without nullifying it. Chiara Bussandri deconstructs prejudice on Islamic women and interprets religion as a single light that […]