Every year we try to add new features to the oiled mechanism of Photofestival, because we believe it is important to offer new services and new points of interest to photography enthusiasts.

If our objective is always, first and foremost, to maintain, and raise, the quality of the photographic proposals on offer, and therefore improve the contents of the festival, it is equally useful to provide tools that help in its enjoyment.

This year we have created a guide to help navigate the city in search of the photographic exhibitions that animate this unusual 2020. The last pages of the printed catalogue contain a series of maps that, area by area, neighborhood by neighborhood, allow the reader to easily identify the location of each exhibition.

Visitors will thus be able to identify convenient routes, optimizing time and effectively planning their photographic itinerary in their chosen city quadrant.

This function, online, becomes even more immediate and effective. On the website there is an intuitive and immediate guide that can help to identify and reach one’s chosen site. The map is interactive, and with a simple click it is possible to select the exhibition spaces, and therefore the exhibitions, that one wishes to visit. With a smartphone everyone can build a tailor-made itinerary that can be updated at any time. Enjoy your guided tour.



Via della Palla, 3, Milano, MI, Italia

Vetrine del passante Ferroviario di Porta Venezia

Palazzo Castiglioni

Corso Venezia, 47, Milano, MI, Italia

Automobile Club Milano

Corso Venezia, 43, Milano, MI, Italia

Associazione Apriti Cielo!

Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 16, Milano, MI, Italia

Arteutopia – Après-Coup Arte

Via Privata della Braida, 5, Milano, MI, Italia


Viale Regina Giovanna angolo, Corso Buenos Aires, 20129 Milano MI, Italia

Vetrine del Passante Ferroviario di Porta Venezia ingresso Corso Buenos Aires ang. Viale Regina Giovanna


Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, 78/3, Milano, MI, Italia

Alessandro Borghese - Il lusso della semplicità

Viale Belisario, 3, Milano, MI, Italia


Viale Monza, 142, Milano, MI, Italia

Ad Gallery

Via Errico Petrella, 21, Milano, MI, Italia

Castello Sforzesco

Piazza Castello, Milano, MI, Italia

Casa Museo Spazio Tadini

Via Niccolò Jommelli, 24, Milano, MI, Italia

Casa dell'Energia e dell'Ambiente

Piazza Po, 3, Milano, MI, Italia

Bookshop Franco Angeli

Viale dell'Innovazione, 11, Milano, MI, Italia

Biblioteca Sicilia

Via Luigi Sacco, 14, Milano, MI, Italia

Biblioteca Sant'Ambrogio

Via S. Paolino, 18, Milano, MI, Italia

Biblioteca Parco Sempione

Viale Miguel de Cervantes, Milano, MI, Italia

Biblioteca Gallaratese

Via Giacomo Quarenghi, 21, Milano, MI, Italia

Biblioteca Fra Cristoforo

Via Fra Cristoforo, 6, Milano, MI, Italia


Via Carlo De Angeli, 3, Milano, MI, Italia

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