2020 Edition


MILAN – 07.09 – 15.11.2020


2020 will be a very important date for all of us because we are reaching the goal of the fifteen edition of Photofestival. As we are rightly accustomed to look at the present and to project ourselves into the future, we do not always dedicate some time to reflect on the past but, since this represents our history, it is the case here to stop for a brief reflection.

When we started this wonderful adventure in the early 2000s, frankly we had not imagined we were giving life to what has become the most important Milanese photographic event, certified by the number of exhibitions and by the broad credit we have gained among cultural operators and with an increasingly numerous audience that follows us with passion and encourages us, with suggestions and criticisms, to improve ourselves.

However, we were sure – even against the opinion of those who did not share our enthusiasm and our confidence – that Milan was the right city to bet on. At that time, it is right to remember, this was not yet the lively and international city which is so much appreciated today; by calling it immediately “capital of Italian photography, we did not intend to give in to rhetoric but to remember that “The diaphragm, the first gallery in Europe entirely dedicated to photography, was born here in 1967, that here was born Superstudio, the most important photographers studio, that here it had always developed a specialized publishing of great value.

Our work was to collect, with an inclusive spirit, the experiences of all the realitiesoperating in the Milan area (suburbs and hinterland included) and to promote ourselves a number of exhibitions and initiatives. We have given space not only to great authors but also to many valuable new photographers, we have collaborated with galleries, critics, publishers and printers.

Now we intend to prepare an edition that can make a further leap in quality, with a program featuring original exhibitions of great depth, the confirmation of the involvement of neighboring towns such as Pavia and the enlargement to other equally alive ones, the increase in initiatives such as meetings, presentations, debates. Our aim is to give life to a deeper reflection on photography and on its role (cultural, linguistic, communicative, commercial) which is increasingly important in our society, but also to educate the public to a more conscious use of it. Because we are facing a medium with an extraordinary expressive potential that must therefore be analyzed and lived with passion and awareness.

Therefore follow us because we will soon update you on the news we are preparing!